torsdag 24 september 2009

”I told you my problems but you never heard a word/This is the moment/For once in my life I will be heard”

Idag är Jay-Z i stan. Jag önskar jag fick intervjua honom bara för att kunna be honom lista och rangordna sina 99 problem.
Med motiveringar.

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Göran sa...

Med tanke på att han räknar upp ett gäng i låten, så måste ju det räknas som toppproblemen.

1: I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol
2: Foes that wanna make sure my casket's closed
3: Rap critics they say he's "Money Cash Hoes"
4: I'm from the hood
5: What type of facts are those
6: If you grew up with holes in ya zapatos
7: Fuck critics you can kiss my whole asshole
8: If you don't like my lyrics
9: I got beef with radio
10:I don't play they show
11: They don't play my hits
12: Rap mags try and use my black ass
13:I don't know what you take me as,
14: understand the intelligence that Jay-Z has
15:I'm from rags to ritches
16: I ain't dumb
17:I got 99 problems
18: i feel bad for you son
19:Hit me

20:The year's '94
21:my trunk is raw
22: In my rear view mirror is the mother fuckin' law
23:I got two choices
24: pull over the car or bounce on the double put the pedal to the floor
25: Tryin' to see no highway chase with Jay.
26: I got a few dollars
27: I can fight the case
28: I'm young
29: I'm black and
30: my hats real low
31: I look like a mind reader
32: I don't know
33: Under arrest or should I guess some mo'?
34: Doin fifty-five in a fifty-fo
35: Liscense and registration
36: Step out of the car
37: Carryin' a weapon
38: Steppin out of shit
39: All my paper's legit
40: My glove compartment is locked
41: So are the trunk in the back
42: I know my rights
43: Need a warrant for that
44: Sharp as a tack
45: Some type of lawyer or something
46: Somebody important
47: somethin
48: I ain't pass the bar
49: I know a little bit
50: You won't illegally search my shit
51: The K9 come
52: Girl problems
53: Once upon a time
54: Not too long ago
55: Myself had to strong arm a hoe
56: This is not a hoe
57: The sense of havin a pussy
58: A pussy havin no God Damn sense,
59: Try and push me
60: I tried to ignore him
61: Talk to the Lord
62: Pray for him
63: Some fools just love to perform
64: Know the type
65: Loud as a motor bike
66: wouldn't bust a grape
67: Fruit fight
68: I'ma get to clappin
69: He and his boys
70: The captain
71: I go trapped
72: In the kit kat again
73: Back through the system
74: With the riff raff again
75: Fiends on the floor
76: Scratchin again
77: paparazzi's
78: Cameras
79: D.A.
80: Tried to give the nigga shaft again
81: Half-a-mil for bail
82: I'm African
83: This fool
84: harrasin' them
85: Tryin to play
86: The boy
87: Saccarin
88: But ain't nothin sweet
89: ´bout how I hold my gun

Fan... det saknas ju tio. Han måste ha räknat refrängproblemen om och om igen.

Anonym sa...

Nr 1: Att det finns ett kvarter som heter Negern.

Herral de Santina sa...

Göran: Orimligt. Han kan ju inte räkna att INTE vara korkad och att ha massa dollar som problem. Fucking twilight zone jigga.

Göran sa...

Dumb... Syftar på alla handikappbidrag för döva som kan cashas in.

Han har för mycket pengar.

Men det är ju vad jag tror... Och sen så ligger de ju rätt lång ner på listan.
Den andres bröd osv.

Men jag tycker, om du ser han, att du ska fråga om de 10 sista problemen.

Steve sa...

Han har 99 jobbiga saker som har fastnat inuti hans näsa. Kan inte vara lätt att ha så stora näsborrar.