torsdag 15 december 2011

Gods and punks

Lite mer om Allah och hans koncentrationsläger för punkare – här. Varning för starka bilder. Too extreme.

När vi ändå är inne på det här med att gå sin egen väg när du bor i en teokrati styrd av guds patriarkala förtryckarkuk. Christer Sturmark skriver om att ateism inte godkänns som skyddsskäl när du söker asyl i Sverige. Nej, varför skulle någon vilja plåga en person som inte tror?!

Har väl aldrig hänt.

Kudos till Nima för ytterligare en länk.

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Anonym sa...

Men jag tror att det här är en bra grej, jag menar att bara man klipper sig och tar ett bad så rinner alla orena tankar av och man kommer automatiskt närmare Gud!

Anonym sa...

Detta är ju något för dig o Stanley Sjöberg!!!!

Anonym sa...

blame it on the governemnt...not the religion. (¤pointy finger¤) Nowhere in the Qu'ran does it say "be a cunt to punx" nothing of the sort and nothing to even hint that you could interpret it to excuse what the police and government did here!

Shame that this event could lead to more people having a negative view of Islam when it's nothing to do with the religion. Just a bunch of idiots doing shitty stuff in the name of it.

Same as always!

On a happy note - hope you've seen this (and I share with your readers too) ABORTED SOCIETY RECORDS are collecting mixtapes to send to the Indonesian punx, get involved =)

@crj138 sa...

I am sorry. But I do not agree with you what so ever here. I do blame religion. And I will continue to do so until the day they put me in the cold, dark ground.

Actually, I find it quite annoying that theocracys ruled by islamic laws gets carte blanche to be assholes. Nobody excuses the catholic church when 11 year old rape victims are refused abortions due to the bible.

Christian, muslim, jew, Buddhist, krishna - I do not fucking care. But please, keep your holy scriptures and gods out of the state and legislation.

Please keep in mind that English is not my first language.

@crj138 sa...

"Just a bunch of idiots doing shitty stuff in the name of it."

That is, pretty much, the hard core essence of organized religion right there.

@crj138 sa...

"Nobody excuses the catholic church when 11 year old rape victims are refused abortions due to the bible."

...and with this I mean from a punk perspective, one old punk to another.

Anonym sa...

ha ha, no no, I agree with you 100% as you know - I think that we both agree that the world would be a much nicer, friendlier, peaceful and easier place if there was no fucking religion!

Sadly, and I truly mean, sadly...that's not gonna happen any time soon so the next best thing is to realise that every "holy" book actually has the same message "FFS be nice!" and anyone who does anything shitty as a result of misunderstanding this message is a complete and utter cunt.

But it's the humans that do this, not the religions. In fact it's all a direct contradiction of the religions.

So the next best thing is to accept people's religions, let them believe in whatever imaginary friend they want, but when they are total cunts, realise that it's not the fault of the religion - whoever wrote those words down didn't tell them to to that, they made that bit up themselves!

so, until we can rid the world of religions. 1 - Accept and realise as above, the people are the fault, not the religion. 2 - the next step is to get everyone who has a religion to stfu about it and keep their ideas to themselves!

It's not perfect, but it's a start!

(btw hope you've got a mixtape on the go! - Any bands that may read this I am accepting MP3s to put on a series of mixtapes and send off to ABORTED SOCIETY RECORDS so they can send of to the ACEH Punx - if you want in on it mail me your MP3 - gregcarlpearson (Atz) gmail (dotz) com )

k sa...

all religions make me sick...

DK sa...

Så vad lägger ni på era blandband?

Mikael Sörling sa...