torsdag 26 februari 2009

Irland, skor och grillade räkor. Och Funeral Mist.

Linnéa intervjuar The Answer till Sweden Rock Magazine.

Linnéa: So, our readers are very interested in shoes. What kinda shoes are ya guys sporting? Like, rock’n’roll shoes?
Cormac: Weeell you know wee lass, you see we come from Northern Ireland.
Paul: Ay.
Cormac: And since the Irish are the blacks of Europe…
Paul: Ay. And argh.
Cormac: …so we like our shoes pointy you see, me dear lass.
Paul: Ay ay mate.
Linnéa: I understand.
Cormac: So you know… Pointy shoes! For fucks sake! Pointy shoes rule lass!
Linnéa: And g’day mate to you too. Put another shrimp on the barbie.

Imorgon: Cannibal Corpse-pepp.
Nu: standardgrindpepp och sinnessjuk internhumor.

För övrigt kan jag inte sluta lyssna på Funeral Mists "Blessed curse".
Vilken satans rocklåt – rock för Satan!

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