tisdag 19 april 2011


Andning… upphör… hjärta… missar… slag.

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Greg Elk sa...

No video? I thought it was kinda cool, the ultimate "Teaser"

(it's here btw for those who will see it http://inquisitiveelks.blogspot.com/2011/04/amebix-knights-of-black-sun.html )

I can also recommend the Amebix docu-film RISEN right good!


138 sa...

No, mine was a screenshot of the actual track streamed.

Greg Elk sa...

Ah ha! You have the actual track? ok, now i'm jealous - any good? AMEBIX are my home-boys!

The documentary is like an exercise in the accent of the Elk "oo arr oo arr"

138 sa...

Still thinking.