söndag 10 april 2011

Super! Winning! Cro-mag!

Beyond mediaroligt – här.

Beyond orgasm – nedan.

Där har du energin och brutaliteten av en haj som äter en tiger.

Kudos till Sager och Aagård.

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KlasOut! sa...

På tal om Cro-Mags och John Joseph:

In regards to current issues in Japan...

"John Joseph: Let me say this... Collective karma exists and Japan has been going all over the world cutting the fins off of sharks, killing whales, dolphins, and absolutely bleeding the ocean and over fishing. You know what? The ocean came back ashore, man.

Killing is killing. Let’s get down to the basics. It’s the universal law of karma. All the countries maintaining slaughterhouses, killing billions of animals every year…this is just one big pressure cooker that is getting ready to go off."



Henry sa...

This footage is beyond incredible. Wow.

As for that John Joseph quote above, all I can say is that while I respect the dude and has been nothing but nice to me, that statement is just insane. Yeah, there are SOME in Japan that do said horrible things, but there's obviously many other people who don't. Common sense...?

138 sa...

Henry: Karma scharma. Bah, humbug and a pox upon all thee new age ramblings of a mad man. For a sober and drugfree cat, John certainly talks a lot of shit. Great voice though.

Klasout: Jo, såg det där för ngn vecka sedan. Beyond beyond. Lite som kristna som vill skylla de svenska tsunamioffren på att vi har så många bögar här. Eh. Ok.